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An Invitation To Dance Sides! To reserve a place or for more information use the form below to email us.

Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire is a beautiful, riverside town with terraces of cotswold stone houses lining the steep hillside above the river. We have great pubs and fantastic dance venues so we hope you’ll consider joining us for our second annual Day of Dance.. Our main dance location should be the town’s historic tithe barn shown right and there are 11 other dance venues, some under cover.  Click here for a list of planned venues.

Our first Day of Dance in 2017 was very successful and attracted 28 sides. Click here for photos of 2017. We are making a number of improvements for 2018 based on their feedback e.g. longer breaks between dancing giving more time for lunch, and we are adding two wooden dance platforms for clog, rapper and other dancers. Our aim is to make BoADoD one of the country’s top morris dance festivals so for 2018 we are aiming for 50 dance sides – that’s 450+ dancers and 200+ musicians – mainly Morris but also Lebanese, Scottish, French, Welsh, Irish, Appalachian, Indian, Majorette and Polish dancers. 36 groups have already expressed an interest in attending – a testament to our great venues and a really friendly day.


Above: The Tithe Barn. Below: The view from two of our dance venues.

We will also attempt to set a new Guinness Book of Records world record for morris dancing – the current record

is 144 dancers set in 2015. Venue town 2You are invited to join that attempt and every participant will receive a commemorative “morris world record holder 2018” badge.

The dance programme has a number of 60 minute dance slots each at different locations around the town. Each dance slot will be shared by three sides from different dance styles e.g. Cotswold, Molly and Rapper, Clog, Longsword and Border. Every side will get four dance slots, and you should not dance with the same side more than once. There will be a 60 minute break between each of your slots.

At the end of the day there will be a parade of sides and musicians around the Tithe Barn area culminating in our world record attempt.

An evening event is planned so if you want to stay you are spoilt for choice: