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Dance Sides Wanted!

Venue tithe 1Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire is a beautiful, riverside town with terraces of cotswold stone houses lining the steep hillside. We have great pubs and fantastic dance venues so we hope you’ll consider joining us. Our main dance location will be the town’s historic tithe barn shown above (click here for list of current venues).

29 Border, Clog, Cotswold and Rapper sides are booked and a couple more are still hedging their bets. Attention Molly Dancers – we don’t have a Molly side so we really need you! We also want one or more Mummers’ plays to perform.

It’s not too late to join us – we will expand the event to accommodate all comers! Can’t get a whole side together? We have a “buskers’ dance spot” where a few of you can just turn up and dance. Live dangerously – dance with strangers!

The dance programme has a number of 40 minute dance slots each at different locations around the town (click here to see the current programme). Each dance slot will be shared by two sides from different dance styles e.g. Cotswold and Rapper, Clog and Border. Every side will get three or four dance slots, and you will not dance with the same side more than once. There will be at least a 40 minute break between each of your slots.

At the end of the day there will be a parade of sides and pub musicians around the tithe barn/barton farm site finishing with some massed dances of all sides and musicians outside the barn.Venue town 2Above: The view from two of our dance venues.

There is no charge to join us. We will provide collecting buckets and at the end of the day you will keep 50% of the money you collect. The rest of all monies collected will be donated to our supported charity Dorothy House after we have covered event costs e.g. advertising, venue hire, event insurance……


If you want to camp or caravan we recommend

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